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Продажа карт оплаты Xbox360 Live Gold Подписок! и Point ов

Запускаеться сервис по продаже Xbox live gold Подписок на 12 месяцев и на 3и месяца все подписки мультирегион, то есть подойдут для России, Украины, Белоруси и других стран СНГ без проблем.
оплата осуществляеться через Яндекс.Деньги, Web money (BL более 100)
12 месяцев Live Gold- 999р
4200 поинтов - 1200р

За покупкой обращяться в ICQ: (пять92-47два)

 Забери свой Live gold почти даром :)
Дешевле не бывает :)

1. Вы получаете аккаунт после 100% предоплаты
2. Я не продаю в кредит !
3. Принимаются, только обоснованные претензии

Способ активации карты, через игровую приставку:
1. Зайдите в свой основной профайл.
2. Нажать на Xbox Guide Button(кнопочка в центре).
3. 2 Раза влево и нажмите "Погасить код".
Способ активации карты через сайт:
1. Заходите на сайт http://www.xbox.com
2. Щелкнем Sign In в правом верхнем углу.
3. Вводим свои данные и входим.
4. Наводим курсор на My Xbox.
5. Переходим сюда Redeem Code.
6. Вводим код.
7. Радуемся 

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Подключение xbox 360 к компу

Соединить можно через Виндовс медиа центр. Устанавливаем на PC этот компонент. Запускаем, В настройках этого чуда есть меню подключение "рaзвлкaтельной систeмы". (помоему так.). Запускаем, идет заагрузка. Спрашивает позволениее на доступ xbox 360 к файлам PC ну оно нам и надо :) . После нажатия волшебной кнопки, нужно вбить восьми значный пассворд. В это время на xbox 360 запускаем Mediacenter пойдет проверка ип адреса и так и не провериться :). Тыкаем продолжить. Появляеться пароль из 8 циферок. Записываем его на листочик этот ваш пароль. Жмем далее. Переходим на PC. Вводим пароль и тыкаем далее. Идет установка если все хорошо то после установки на xbox 360 появляеться такой же медиа центр как и на нашем ПК. Есть способ подключить через виндовс медиа плеер 11 там нужно воткнуть галочку в менюшке настроек сети позволяющую использовать файлы другим участникам сети те Xbox 360. Я настраивал так.

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Today, dear users of our site, you will learn a lot about the XBOX LIVE, and on XBOX LIVE GOLD. It is designed for your understanding this article. First, let's you know what it is XBOX LIVE: XBOX LIVE - this is one of our favorite services from Microsoft for those lucky ones whose home is the XBOX 360 console. It allows a great deal for its users, namely:
- Play games on the network;  
- Write messages to users with each other;
- Download a lot of different information, namely: demo games, videos, movies, music and more (yes, they give us such a possibility). But it is available to you only if the console is connected to XBOX LIVE. And now to other matters more: XBOX LIVE GOLD - This is thereby a "key" for access to XBOX LIVE. Only through it can authenticate into the system, as well as enjoy all the features described above. XBOX LIVE GOLD is the so-called payment card with which you use XBOX LIVE. For many the question is: where is the buy XBOX LIVE GOLD? You can buy it at almost any online store like here with all available methods of payment. There is a payment card XBOX LIVE GOLD and at 1 month and 2, and 12. The larger the rows of purchase card payment XBOX LIVE GOLD cheaper the more you will buy it (with estimates for the month). Also, many Internet users are looking for information where to get free XBOX LIVE GOLD. FREE XBOX LIVE GOLD Fed can! But the whole zakovyrka that only when buying XBOX 360, and only for 1 month. About this taken care of Microsoft employees. Learn more from the developers themselves here: http://www.xbox.com. Remember, other legal, and illegal ways to obtain the payment card XBOX LIVE GOLD no! All those people that claim they can sell the card payment is much cheaper - get them illegally. They simply want to cash in on your money, and after some time XBOX LIVE can block your card XBOX LIVE GOLD. So if you want to play console games over the network to communicate with friends on your console to ship a variety of information - buy your own XBOX LIVE GOLD. Where to buy it and how to buy a more economical I wrote above. Now, even on such an issue, how to play XBOX LIVE. To do this, connect your console to the Internet (do not flash the it, otherwise you are banned) and go through the registration procedure in Xbox Live. Remember that for the free surfing on the xbox 360 (that is, for downloading games, music, etc.) you should have unlimited internet access, otherwise such a pleasure to cost you a round sum.

Cooling Xbox 360

Cooling Xbox 360
Hello, dear readers of this site. You will learn today about how to properly cool the Xbox 360, how to make extra cooling to protect themselves from overheating and many more interesting things about the Xbox 360. In fact, a case of Microsoft for fear of competitors has released the Xbox 360 much earlier than expected. As a consequence, the Xbox 360 there was a lot of flaws and bugs, defects and waste. Because of shortcomings in the field of cooling, the set-top boxes are wasted. She (I mean the cooling system) is relevant only when the machine is not overheated. However, after prolonged operation console overheats itself. At this stage, unpolished cooling system already can not do anything. Only preserving the Xbox 360 from external factors impact you can keep it intact. Further details. When you place your Xbox 360 in the room try not to have it in the codend, in a very cramped room. This is due to the fact that you might accidentally close the vent hole, and after a long work on the Xbox 360 overheating, you will not escape. Do not put the Xbox 360 on soft surfaces, do not cover it at work, try that would have to vent "holes" have always had access to the air. No need to spare space for its console, and then he will at least be able to work properly. Another very important factor that affects the cooling of the Xbox 360 - a source of heating. Do not place your console near these sources! And this: electronics, amplifiers, batteries and other sources of heat in the house. Also (this should know) to work affect direct sunlight. Xbox 360 can not be placed near a window! It is best to place the console on which a rigid metal elevated surface (such as safe =), because the metal will absorb the warmth of your "Sonya" (from school physics course). If you follow these rules, under which your Xbox 360 will not be subjected to the impact that will affect the work of the ventilation system console - everything is working properly. A few more words about the additional cooling Xbox 360: For this you can use an external cooler, you can install on your console system of liquid nitrogen (but it'll cost a little expensive), or connect the console with some sort of a constant source of cold. But remember: even without additional cooling your Xbox 360 will work properly if you

Xbox live


Perhaps you are not just looking for a search engine "that is XBOX LIVE?». But most sites are very vague answer. In this article you will learn a lot about what is XBOX LIVE, how to sign up for XBOX LIVE, and other related matters. Let's start: XBOX LIVE - an operating system from the developers of Microsoft XBOX 360 consoles. XBOX LIVE in Russia launched 10 November 2010. That is the same as Windows XP on your computer. Only this platform enables users to large number of features, namely: - Ability to play with their friends around the world - download a variety of information content for XBOX LIVE, as well as game demos, movies, music, images and more. - Update your operating system, XBOX 360. That is, as you can see, the platform XBOX LIVE nada your console a lot of different possibilities, but this is an additional cost (to buy XBOX LIVE GOLD here). And now a few more in-depth answers to frequently asked questions. Many people wonder how you can transfer your account. And to do this: Log into your account, then pick up the item "The country or region." There, choose your country (in this case Russia). Then it will be easy: just follow the instructions mate. From tuftologii is acceptance of the User Agreement. Everything. You are now an official subscriber to XBOX LIVE at the desired country. That's all so simple  Now, other issues, how to register to XBOX LIVE. Select XBOX LIVE on the main console window. Then, as always, you expect the advertising window. Push one more time on. Agree with the warning. Begin connect XBOX 360 to the service of XBOX LIVE. If all you have set up good, you will receive a greeting from XBOX LIVE. Press the "Continue". Next enter your preferred username in the XBOX LIVE., But it must be unique, there are two identical login in the system can not be. If a username is already exist, the system will warn you about it. Further identification will go LIVE ID. Living in the country of Russia must choose which other country, if the "Russia" in a string of countries will not be displayed. Next, enter the language in which you want to see the XBOX LIVE as well as your date of birth. Then enter your email, go to the next window. Then, the process of regular registration, that is, enter the password, secret question, name and etc. Accepted the agreement. Next, guided by hints of XBOX LIVE you can complete your registration. Everything just Xbox live. Remember that on our site you can read a lot of interesting information on XBOX LIVE.

Kinekt FOR Xbox

Kinekt It is uncommon device for the Xbox 360 console, replacing the mediocre joystick, wheel, etc. It looks like a camera and monitors the movement of the user, then processing it displays, it is now very common this feature is in Hi-Teck. All new and new devices are made for the Xbox and other game consoles. Now you can do fitness without leaving the house, socialize with friends and play with them in the game on the internet and Kinekt with the status of Xbox live, this function turns your Xbox into a full-fledged multimedia center of the future house. Has a very extensive functionality, remembers their owners, recognize faces. Really extends the functionality of the console. The interface is clean and simple for any user console. You can play interactive games, while even at a distance from his opponent. You can buy this device here

Xbox live gold

Xbox live gold
I welcome all readers of this site. Today we are very detail will talk about xbox live gold. The fact that such an xbox live gold, where and for what use it was written in the preceding article. But shortly have to write that xbox live-is a platform from Microsoft developers for the popular console xbox 360. With xbox live you can play and interact with other players on the network is loaded on your console content: demo games, videos, movies, music and more. That is, for a complete "work" in the xbox360 you need to use this platform. But, like all products Microsof, this platform is paid, that is, to use xbox live you will have to pay. But it does not matter. Or rather, not the main problem. The main trouble is that a very small fraction of users xbox live know where to buy «xbox live gold card." Hbox live gold - a card with which you can extend the opportunity to work with the platform xbox live. These cards, xbox live gold, the most difficult to find on the Internet. That's not the question that free, and that these gold cards can not buy anywhere else. But in this article, you can find out where and how seamlessly buy xbox live gold. Proceed. Certainly not anywhere to buy xbox live gold so problematic. In America, for example, buying a gold card is not difficult. But in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries buy xbox live gold is highly problematic, as the official resource was not always able to offer a console, xbox360, who live "not in those countries, purchase xbox live gold. Now, you can buy a xbox live gold card here. primemlimye prices and quality service. I advise everyone. You can pay through various electronic systems (eg, LibertyCity, WebMoney, Yandex, etc.) or by bank transfer. So buying a xbox live gold cards, I do not think it will make you work. Now for the cards themselves: xbox live gold cards come in a variety of validity, it is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. Depending on your disposable Finance you can choose what kind of xbox live gold to buy (but you must remember that the bigger lines, you will buy the xbox live gold, the more you save with the expectation of a month). Also you must remember about fraud. After all, perhaps, when you are looking for in the search engines the answer to the question «xbox live gold where to buy" you could see many different sites, which is very cheap prices offer you to buy prepaid card xbox live gold. Never believe such a proposal, otherwise you risk getting banned in the xbox live, or, even worse, the loss of your finances. I guess that after reading this article you will no longer arise the question «xbox live gold where to buy" and the like, because you now know a lot of different information about xboxl ive gold, which will help you do without losing time and finances to purchase at favorable xboxlivegold you prices.

xbox live gold xbox live gold to buy xbox live gold 1 month xbox live goldgde buy buy a map of xbox live gold

stealing xbox live accounts

In recent years, often happens theft accounts xbox live, Microsoft specialists can just throw up your hands on these actions, and could do nothing. Well chtom recently they have started to investigate this. intruder enters the victim's account and buys xbox points a game currency to xbox live. Victims ostaetsya just call microsoft and find out how they allowed such acts. Support advises users to contact the bank card issuer, and can do nothing to help. Maybe new firmware will solve this problem microsofta. Users sludet set strong passwords on your xbox live account and change it regularly about once a month.

xbox 720

The company is developing a new console microsoft x box 720. Xbox consoles hit the market much earlier than its competitors such as Sony.
Today funkionalom.Pervoy xbox has a huge game for the Xbox will be the newest game Halo 4.
When you're waiting for the X Box 720?
From the words of the administration of the new console will be released to the masses in 2011.
Date of course preliminary.
What can we expect from the new prefix:
1. 16 or 32 bit kernel (CPU) that supports processing graffiki
2. RAM memory xbox 720 will be increased up to 8 GB
3. ultraskorostnoe Internet connection
4. estestveeno speed firmware.
5. hard drive would be weighty increased.
There are of course and cons of this console like xbox 720 price as stuffed with it all, and many state employees play such a pleasure vryat to succeed. Since the discs for consoles are on DVD they would have to move to Blu-ray.
xbox points
It's easier to say game currency in xbox live store for Points you can buy the game, the content of various kinds. To have these same points can be in many stores both online and offline. You can utilize them in your personal account, see redemption code, or directly to your console. To buy xbox points possible diverse forms of payment such as such as paypal, web money, Yandex Money, and others. Point is very easy to buy in the store and just as easy to buy a Xbox Liv on point that either.

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Xbox 360 Slim hacked

Xbox 360 Slim hacked This made the guys from Team Xecuter. They just posted a video with the Xbox 360 Slim "backup" games. In their report they say that they are working for weeks now, along with other Kamanda burglars Team Jungle & C4E, to create this "DVD Rom patch." New Xbox 360 Slim hacked To Run rewritable ...

Modding the Xbox 360 firmware was ready for quite some time, it allows you to upload images from the game from different sources, burn them to DVD and run them on your console. Of course, this is useful if you want to backup your drive, but it is something that Microsoft does not want you to, for obvious prichinamispolzoval. All of the new Xbox 360 Slim (or S), which were released in June 2010, at E3 was the new defense installed on the wheels, which made all previous fashion useless. But if this video is to be believed, the hackers managed to crack the Xbox 360 S / Slim to run, burning .. Team, which made this feat is called a team Xecuter, and with little collaboration with a team of jungle and commodore4eva. They argue that broke the DVD drive of the new Xbox 360 to play recordable discs, as shown in the video below. On command, it will be released shortly. Team Xecuter also plans to actually cut in the near future to the public, but stops. Now do not forget to copyright infringement is not quite legal. Some things still remain unanswered, this patch requires Moded box? And the video does not show them at the entrance to Xbox Live. Keep one thing in mind, though, Microsoft can not start recording disc content on the Xbox 360 because of piracy, and we would not recommend it either. Although the new rules can DRM allows you to create backup discs (for training purposes), but it is only and only for your personal use. So be careful with what you are doing.