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Xbox live


Perhaps you are not just looking for a search engine "that is XBOX LIVE?». But most sites are very vague answer. In this article you will learn a lot about what is XBOX LIVE, how to sign up for XBOX LIVE, and other related matters. Let's start: XBOX LIVE - an operating system from the developers of Microsoft XBOX 360 consoles. XBOX LIVE in Russia launched 10 November 2010. That is the same as Windows XP on your computer. Only this platform enables users to large number of features, namely: - Ability to play with their friends around the world - download a variety of information content for XBOX LIVE, as well as game demos, movies, music, images and more. - Update your operating system, XBOX 360. That is, as you can see, the platform XBOX LIVE nada your console a lot of different possibilities, but this is an additional cost (to buy XBOX LIVE GOLD here). And now a few more in-depth answers to frequently asked questions. Many people wonder how you can transfer your account. And to do this: Log into your account, then pick up the item "The country or region." There, choose your country (in this case Russia). Then it will be easy: just follow the instructions mate. From tuftologii is acceptance of the User Agreement. Everything. You are now an official subscriber to XBOX LIVE at the desired country. That's all so simple  Now, other issues, how to register to XBOX LIVE. Select XBOX LIVE on the main console window. Then, as always, you expect the advertising window. Push one more time on. Agree with the warning. Begin connect XBOX 360 to the service of XBOX LIVE. If all you have set up good, you will receive a greeting from XBOX LIVE. Press the "Continue". Next enter your preferred username in the XBOX LIVE., But it must be unique, there are two identical login in the system can not be. If a username is already exist, the system will warn you about it. Further identification will go LIVE ID. Living in the country of Russia must choose which other country, if the "Russia" in a string of countries will not be displayed. Next, enter the language in which you want to see the XBOX LIVE as well as your date of birth. Then enter your email, go to the next window. Then, the process of regular registration, that is, enter the password, secret question, name and etc. Accepted the agreement. Next, guided by hints of XBOX LIVE you can complete your registration. Everything just Xbox live. Remember that on our site you can read a lot of interesting information on XBOX LIVE.

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