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Xbox 360 Slim hacked

Xbox 360 Slim hacked This made the guys from Team Xecuter. They just posted a video with the Xbox 360 Slim "backup" games. In their report they say that they are working for weeks now, along with other Kamanda burglars Team Jungle & C4E, to create this "DVD Rom patch." New Xbox 360 Slim hacked To Run rewritable ...

Modding the Xbox 360 firmware was ready for quite some time, it allows you to upload images from the game from different sources, burn them to DVD and run them on your console. Of course, this is useful if you want to backup your drive, but it is something that Microsoft does not want you to, for obvious prichinamispolzoval. All of the new Xbox 360 Slim (or S), which were released in June 2010, at E3 was the new defense installed on the wheels, which made all previous fashion useless. But if this video is to be believed, the hackers managed to crack the Xbox 360 S / Slim to run, burning .. Team, which made this feat is called a team Xecuter, and with little collaboration with a team of jungle and commodore4eva. They argue that broke the DVD drive of the new Xbox 360 to play recordable discs, as shown in the video below. On command, it will be released shortly. Team Xecuter also plans to actually cut in the near future to the public, but stops. Now do not forget to copyright infringement is not quite legal. Some things still remain unanswered, this patch requires Moded box? And the video does not show them at the entrance to Xbox Live. Keep one thing in mind, though, Microsoft can not start recording disc content on the Xbox 360 because of piracy, and we would not recommend it either. Although the new rules can DRM allows you to create backup discs (for training purposes), but it is only and only for your personal use. So be careful with what you are doing.

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