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Today, dear users of our site, you will learn a lot about the XBOX LIVE, and on XBOX LIVE GOLD. It is designed for your understanding this article. First, let's you know what it is XBOX LIVE: XBOX LIVE - this is one of our favorite services from Microsoft for those lucky ones whose home is the XBOX 360 console. It allows a great deal for its users, namely:
- Play games on the network;  
- Write messages to users with each other;
- Download a lot of different information, namely: demo games, videos, movies, music and more (yes, they give us such a possibility). But it is available to you only if the console is connected to XBOX LIVE. And now to other matters more: XBOX LIVE GOLD - This is thereby a "key" for access to XBOX LIVE. Only through it can authenticate into the system, as well as enjoy all the features described above. XBOX LIVE GOLD is the so-called payment card with which you use XBOX LIVE. For many the question is: where is the buy XBOX LIVE GOLD? You can buy it at almost any online store like here with all available methods of payment. There is a payment card XBOX LIVE GOLD and at 1 month and 2, and 12. The larger the rows of purchase card payment XBOX LIVE GOLD cheaper the more you will buy it (with estimates for the month). Also, many Internet users are looking for information where to get free XBOX LIVE GOLD. FREE XBOX LIVE GOLD Fed can! But the whole zakovyrka that only when buying XBOX 360, and only for 1 month. About this taken care of Microsoft employees. Learn more from the developers themselves here: http://www.xbox.com. Remember, other legal, and illegal ways to obtain the payment card XBOX LIVE GOLD no! All those people that claim they can sell the card payment is much cheaper - get them illegally. They simply want to cash in on your money, and after some time XBOX LIVE can block your card XBOX LIVE GOLD. So if you want to play console games over the network to communicate with friends on your console to ship a variety of information - buy your own XBOX LIVE GOLD. Where to buy it and how to buy a more economical I wrote above. Now, even on such an issue, how to play XBOX LIVE. To do this, connect your console to the Internet (do not flash the it, otherwise you are banned) and go through the registration procedure in Xbox Live. Remember that for the free surfing on the xbox 360 (that is, for downloading games, music, etc.) you should have unlimited internet access, otherwise such a pleasure to cost you a round sum.

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