воскресенье, 13 марта 2011 г.

xbox 720

The company is developing a new console microsoft x box 720. Xbox consoles hit the market much earlier than its competitors such as Sony.
Today funkionalom.Pervoy xbox has a huge game for the Xbox will be the newest game Halo 4.
When you're waiting for the X Box 720?
From the words of the administration of the new console will be released to the masses in 2011.
Date of course preliminary.
What can we expect from the new prefix:
1. 16 or 32 bit kernel (CPU) that supports processing graffiki
2. RAM memory xbox 720 will be increased up to 8 GB
3. ultraskorostnoe Internet connection
4. estestveeno speed firmware.
5. hard drive would be weighty increased.
There are of course and cons of this console like xbox 720 price as stuffed with it all, and many state employees play such a pleasure vryat to succeed. Since the discs for consoles are on DVD they would have to move to Blu-ray.

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