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Cooling Xbox 360

Cooling Xbox 360
Hello, dear readers of this site. You will learn today about how to properly cool the Xbox 360, how to make extra cooling to protect themselves from overheating and many more interesting things about the Xbox 360. In fact, a case of Microsoft for fear of competitors has released the Xbox 360 much earlier than expected. As a consequence, the Xbox 360 there was a lot of flaws and bugs, defects and waste. Because of shortcomings in the field of cooling, the set-top boxes are wasted. She (I mean the cooling system) is relevant only when the machine is not overheated. However, after prolonged operation console overheats itself. At this stage, unpolished cooling system already can not do anything. Only preserving the Xbox 360 from external factors impact you can keep it intact. Further details. When you place your Xbox 360 in the room try not to have it in the codend, in a very cramped room. This is due to the fact that you might accidentally close the vent hole, and after a long work on the Xbox 360 overheating, you will not escape. Do not put the Xbox 360 on soft surfaces, do not cover it at work, try that would have to vent "holes" have always had access to the air. No need to spare space for its console, and then he will at least be able to work properly. Another very important factor that affects the cooling of the Xbox 360 - a source of heating. Do not place your console near these sources! And this: electronics, amplifiers, batteries and other sources of heat in the house. Also (this should know) to work affect direct sunlight. Xbox 360 can not be placed near a window! It is best to place the console on which a rigid metal elevated surface (such as safe =), because the metal will absorb the warmth of your "Sonya" (from school physics course). If you follow these rules, under which your Xbox 360 will not be subjected to the impact that will affect the work of the ventilation system console - everything is working properly. A few more words about the additional cooling Xbox 360: For this you can use an external cooler, you can install on your console system of liquid nitrogen (but it'll cost a little expensive), or connect the console with some sort of a constant source of cold. But remember: even without additional cooling your Xbox 360 will work properly if you

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