воскресенье, 13 марта 2011 г.

Kinekt FOR Xbox

Kinekt It is uncommon device for the Xbox 360 console, replacing the mediocre joystick, wheel, etc. It looks like a camera and monitors the movement of the user, then processing it displays, it is now very common this feature is in Hi-Teck. All new and new devices are made for the Xbox and other game consoles. Now you can do fitness without leaving the house, socialize with friends and play with them in the game on the internet and Kinekt with the status of Xbox live, this function turns your Xbox into a full-fledged multimedia center of the future house. Has a very extensive functionality, remembers their owners, recognize faces. Really extends the functionality of the console. The interface is clean and simple for any user console. You can play interactive games, while even at a distance from his opponent. You can buy this device here

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